Mark's Ducati Panigale Track Bike

"Hello everyone, I am the lucky owner of the amazing work created by Sean at CCR. The most impressive part of the project; Sean did the work in only 2 weeks. This included sanding the existing paint, putting down primer base coats, color, clear, sanding, clear, sanding, etc, etc, etc.

I showed up at Sean's shop with some basic ideas. Sean turned the concepts into reality and improved upon them along the way. After daily email exchanges and numerous sketches we settled on the final design you see in the pictures.

I struggled to find a knowledgeable painter who I could trust to produce a quality product without charging crazy prices. I failed in my first effort. I won't even show you those pictures. I am very happy with what Sean produced and would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about having their motorcycle painted.

For the record, I am writing the above comments unsolicited and without any type of remuneration from Sean. All you have to do is look at the pictures of my bike to understand why I am being so vocal. The man has talent. Just do me a favor, don't everyone send him your fairings at one time. I want him to customize my HD Slim next. "