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Part Prep Before Bringing to CCR:

CCR requires you to remove all clips, fasteners, hardware, lights and wiring from your pieces before drop off of parts for paint. We will not be held responsible for missing parts. We typically work on pieces to 10-15 bikes at a time and unless it's a ground up restoration we do not require ancillary parts here. If we specifically need a piece of hardware, fastener or trim piece we will ASK for it at the beginning of the job.

New Policy concerning "track paint work":

We will gladly do track paint work if the desired result is at least of OEM factory Ducati quality.

Thank you for your consideration in using our services

CCR Partners:

Sportbikes - Italians are our specialty. We can...

  • repair scratched and dented fuel tanks.
  • repair most fairings for less than the cost of new ones.
  • install aftermarket bodywork.
  • fabricate custom mounting brackets.
  • install custom / aux lighting.
  • even install non-stock bodywork (want GSXR bodywork on your SV-650...or 1098 Ducati bodywork on your air-cooled Duc?)
  • create complete authentic race replica paint work. No decals, all lettering is paint stenciled on.

Harley Davidson and Composite Bike owners. We can...

  • repair dented and scratched factory Harley tanks and sheetmetal.
  • stretch fuel tanks, recess or french lighting and license plates, lengthen, shorten or widen fenders.
  • Paint flames (traditional, tribal, and "realistic" flames).
  • paint murals and other graphics.
  • paint candy colors, pearls, metallics, chrome paint, color shifting paints, flat or semi gloss finishes and solid colors.

Metric Cruiser Enthusiasts. We can...

  • apply the latest paint trends to your Metric Cruiser.
  • perform any sheetmetal work that can be done on a Harley.
  • create stretched tanks, bobbed fenders, custom made Air Dams, recessed or "frenched" tail lights and license plates.
  • create wide tire kits and custom swing arms.

Dealer inquiries gladly welcomed.

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